Bishops pray for those affected by alarming escalation of violence in the Holy Land

Bishop Declan Lang and Bishop Nicholas Hudson have prayed for those killed, injured and displaced in an alarming escalation of violence in the Holy Land:

“We pray for all those innocent people killed or injured in Jenin and Tel Aviv during recent days, as well as those families in Jenin who have been driven from their homes.

“Worsening violence in the Holy Land, perpetuated by continued violations of human dignity and international law, has already resulted in the highest death toll for decades. As Christians we have a responsibility to act in solidarity with the local churches and all those working to establish a lasting peace rooted in justice.

“Today we affirm our fraternity and closeness with the Church in the Holy Land, including the Latin parish of Jenin, and all those affected by this most recent violence.”

The Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, His Beatitude Pierbattista Pizzaballa, has warned there will be many more victims if the issue of Palestinian self-determination is not resolved. Read more.


Bishop Declan Lang is Bishop of Clifton and Chair of the Bishops’ Conference Department for International Affairs. Bishop Nicholas Hudson is an auxiliary Bishop of Westminster and Chair of the Holy Land Coordination.

The Holy Coordination (HLC) is an annual gathering of Bishops from around the world in the Holy Land to stand in solidarity with the local Christian communities and to express their support through the four Ps of Prayer, Pilgrimage, Pressure and Presence.