In the two years since we launched the Catholic Network and Catholic Directory websites, one of the most common questions from our 25k+ subscriber base has been “where can I comment on that?”

We recognise that there is often a lot more that can be said beyond our editorial coverage and commentaries, and many more opinions than we can ever offer.

We feel also that our Catholic community should be a source of open, honest and frank conversations about the important topics and Catholic concerns of the day. With this in mind we have created The Catholic Forum ­– a conversation hub for online Catholics.

In The Catholic Forum we won’t discourage vigorous debate, but we do ask that you treat others respectfully. In his Message for World Communications Day 2023 Pope Francis spoke warmly about the spirit of St Francis de Sales, the patron saint of journalists.

The Holy Father asked all of us who communicate to “feel inspired by this saint of tenderness, seeking and telling the truth with courage and freedom and rejecting the temptation to use sensational and combative expressions.”

That advice is our template for the Catholic Forum. Please do register below and join in with the conversations – your views and comments will be most welcome and appreciated.