Bristol primary school pupils take Summer trip to learn about food security

Children from St Bernadette Primary in Bristol made a Summer trip to the Spiritual Centre, Emmaus House to learn about the very current, compelling issue of Food Security. It is part of their ongoing learning about Catholic Social Teaching.

Through a range of challenging, exciting activities, pupils learned about the importance of soil to our food, our life and our planet The day began with a walking retelling of the Parable of the Sower, to understand that just as we need the right sort of soil to make seeds flourish so the right type of heart is required to receive and spread the Good News.

This was followed by a Masterchef session where children created a chocolate soil pudding to explain the different components that make up soil!

Other key learning included infiltrating to different soil, a worm hunt in the garden and a Greenhouse Gas Relay Race, The children also designed and built mini sustainable farms. The day ended with a meditation, “What kind of soil is your heart?”

“I enjoyed making farm because I like creating things,” said Maddie and Jasmin admitted that she “loved learning about worms. There are 29 species in Britain!”

“The meditation really calmed me down after such an exciting day” added Maggie.

Story by William Kelly, The Catholic Network