Bishop Patrick McKinney says Nottingham is “a city in mourning” after Tuesday’s fatal attacks

The Catholic bishop of Nottingham has spoken movingly of the reaction of the people of Nottingham to a series of attacks in the early hours of Tuesday which has left two teenage students and another man dead.

Barnaby Webber, 19, Grace Kumar, 19, and a man in his 50s were fatally stabbed. Three people were hit by a van police believe was stolen from the older stabbing victim.

A suspect was Tasered by police before being arrested on suspicion of murder.

Speaking on Sky News this morning, Bishop Patrick McKinney said Nottingham was “very much a city in mourning.”

“My thoughts, my prayers and those of the whole Catholic community go out to the family, friends and the fellow students of the two students who were killed, to the third, older gentleman too who was killed and to those who were injured as well,” said Bishop McKinney.

“It very difficult at times to know how to respond to tragic events like this. Last night after spending a little bit of time with people in the cathedral I prayed silently as I walked around the city centre. It’s a city with two very large university communities. The normally exuberant students were quiet, more reflective – shaken I would say by the events.

“So it is very much a city in mourning, and that is as it should be.

“But the overwhelming majority of people in this lovely city are kind, they’re welcoming, they’re friendly. Already I have seen support for each other, people comforting each other, and that I believe will only grow more and more.”

Police said they were still in the early stages of the inquiry into the attacks, and had yet to determine an exact motive.