Catholic school in charity launch campaign to end hunger in schools

A CHARITY in north Wales has launched a campaign to prevent children from going hungry in schools.

TCC (Trefnu Cymunedol Cymru / Together Creating Communities) and young activist members from St Joseph’s Catholic and Anglican School, Wrexham have engaged in an extensive campaign during 2023 entitled #NoHungryLearners.

The campaign aims to alleviate the burden of school meal debt and promote equal opportunities for all children to thrive academically.

The process of paying for school meals in Wrexham High Schools involves using a pre-pay top-up system – “parent pay” – to top up school dinner money for their child to be able to buy food from the canteen.

If at times a parent has been unable to top up, council policy is that they are offered a meal of the day or a sandwich. This ‘meal of the day’ creates a debt on the pre-paid account.

If all sandwiches of ‘meal of the day’ have been used some students are left with no or limited options.