Healthy School Streets orders outside two south London Catholic schools to become permanent

Croydon Council has confirmed that all but one of their 10 new healthy school streets (HSS) will become permanent, banning all non-permitted vehicles entry during the busy school run hours.

From April 2022, the council imposed 10 experimental traffic orders across the borough to tackle air pollution near schools and encourage more parents and pupils to walk to school. The list of schools due to see their HSS made permanent includes St Thomas Becket Catholic Primary School and St Joseph’s Catholic Junior School.

The experimental orders established distinct school pedestrian zones, which forbid motorised vehicles entering between 8am and 9am and again between 2pm and 4pm on school days during the academic year.

Exemptions were made for public service and liveried vehicles, as well as those with permits and a valid blue badge.

Anyone without a permit who drives down a school street during the designated times faces a £60 fine.

Residents, parents and schools were given a six-month consultation period, in which feedback and objections to the scheme could be given.