Catholic schools celebrate hard work of pupils as 2023 GCSE results are released

St Richard Reynolds Catholic College, Twickenham

As with our A Level Results last week, we are delighted with the outcomes for our Year 11 students this summer.  Their teachers and support staff have worked incredibly hard to support them and we are grateful too, for the support of their parents and carers who are major partners in this success story.

It is important to remember that grading standards have returned to a similar pattern to 2019 meaning that the number achieving the top grades have reduced in comparison to last year which was in turn a reduction on the previous year.  These changes were driven by the unique circumstances of the pandemic, and the glide back to 2019 standards is part of a return to normality.  However this could feel like a bitter pill to many as they also suffered disruption during the pandemic and those in disadvantaged circumstances were adversely affected in particular.

Our focus, as always, remains on supporting our students to progress to the next stage of their lives, whether that be in higher education, work-based training or employment.  That said, almost 60% of our grades were A*-B, with well over 80% of all grades at C and above.  Amongst a number of notable individual performances, Alice McCarthy attained A*s in Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and will continue her studies in the United States at Princeton University.  Fifteen students each attained at least three A levels at A or A*.

Almost three quarters of our Year 11 attained at least a grade 5 in both English and Mathematics with 90% attaining at least a grade 4.  Amongst a number of notable individual performances, Liliana Tokarska attained 10 GCSEs at grade 9 with Darcey Potter and Oliwier Korniak gained 9 grade 9s and a grade 8.  Teagan Hartney, Nicole Redemann, Lydia Saccomani attained 10 GCSE grades 9 or 8.  These, and other students’ grades may well change after any challenges to the marking process we may seek.

  Richard Burke, Principal, said “As with all of our students, their success is always a result of many factors, not least the dedication and hard work of our staff who day in day out create a loving, challenging and inspiring culture based predominantly on the positive relationships they develop with all around them.  We also highly value and appreciate the support of our parents and carers, acknowledging and highlighting this priceless partnership that helps to generate  consistently strong outcomes for young people.”



Cardinal Pole Catholic School, Hackney

Cardinal Pole Catholic School, in Hackney, is thrilled to announce another set of excellent results achieved by its students in this year’s GCSE examinations.
This impressive outcome is a testament to the students’ perseverance, hard work, and the excellent support provided by the school’s leadership and teaching staff. This achievement comes as another significant milestone for the school, following its impressive set of results in A-Levels last week, and the well-deserved shortlisting for the Secondary School of the Year in the 2023 TES Awards.
Headteacher, Adam Hall, extended congratulations to the school’s students for their GCSE results, stating: ‘I am extraordinarily proud of our students. They have worked exceptionally hard throughout the year, and they’ve risen to the challenge with great resilience and a focused desire to succeed. I wish every one of our students the very best for their futures’.
Students at Cardinal Pole have achieved outstanding grades across various subjects. Key statistics are as follows:
● English grades remained impressive with 80% of students securing a 4+ and 70% securing this in Maths. 68% students secured this measure in both Maths and English.
● The breadth and strength of our curriculum was once again demonstrated with outstanding results in our Art, 3D Design and Drama classes, each achieving 89%, 88% and 76% 4+ respectively.
● Results this year showed some exceptional individual performances with 25 students being awarded Grade 9s. Particular mention should go to Mollie Hoyle who achieved 7 Grade 9s and Leo Muhibzada who achieved 6 Grade 9s alongside 3 Grade 8s.
● Numerous departments secured the top grades for their students with a quarter of RE students achieving Grades 7-9. This was also achieved by 20% of English students and 19% of both Science and French.
The Students were delighted with their results, including Mollie Hoyle who stands among the highest-achieving students with (7 grade 9s) expressed her joy regarding her results by stating: “I worked hard for my GCSE exams, but I couldn’t have done it without the incredible teachers at Cardinal Pole. Their constant support and additional help made all the difference.”
Leo Muhibzada, another accomplished student with mainly 9 and 8 grades said, “I am extremely happy with my GCSE results! It hasn’t been the easiest year. but Cardinal Pole provided me with the tools and resources I needed to excel. The teachers went the extra mile to support me, and I am truly grateful for their unwavering dedication.”
Lola Alabi, Head of Year 11, was delighted with the student results, commenting: “I am elated by the results of our students. The standard in which students perform truly reflects their work ethic and dedication to their academic success. Grades do not define them however, I am extremely proud of what they have achieved.”

The remarkable achievements in the GCSE examinations highlight Cardinal Pole Catholic School’s dedication to offering a well-rounded education that empowers students to excel academically and guides them on a path to opportunity, aspiration, and reward, founded on Catholic values.



St Bonaventure’s Celebrates Brilliant Results in GCSE Exams, Igniting Student Excitement and Joy

St. Bonaventure’s, a Catholic boys’ secondary school in London’s Forest Gate, is delighted to announce brilliant performance in the GCSE examinations, surpassing last year’s results, especially in English, Maths, Science and RE. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the commitment, tenacity, and exceptional instruction provided within the school.

Headteacher Chris McCormack expressed his satisfaction with this year’s GCSE results: “Well done to our students on achieving a great set of results. Their time in school has been unique as we all faced challenging times in education with the pandemic. Working together with our staff, our students have never wavered in their commitment to their studies. They deserve all their successes after all the hard work they have put in over the past few years.”

The results show continued improvement – not just from 2019 but year on year for the last 6 years. 84% of students received a Good Pass in English and Maths (4+). 69% of students received a Strong Pass in English and Maths (5+). 32.5% of students received 9-7 grades and 71.9% received 9-5 grades; this has increased by 9.5% and 13.9% respectively, since 2019. Our attainment 8 is our highest ever. The strong results in a wide range of subject areas reflect the broad and balanced, holistic education that St Bonaventure’s delivers.

“I think that the education at St Bon’s is top-notch, all the teachers really care what you get and push you to get the high grades.” –  Ify. He received  two 9s, one 8 and five 7s.

“I feel relieved and proud of my GCSE results. Big shoutout to my parents for being my biggest cheerleaders and my teachers for believing in me even when I doubted myself. This is just the beginning, and I’m excited to see what the future holds.” Khyle. He received six 9s, one 7 and one 6.

Head of Year 11, Mr Hayes was impressed by the hard work and perseverance of the students throughout the academic year, “It has been a pleasure working with this group of students. Their commitment to their studies has been first class and they fully deserve everything they have achieved. I am super proud of all of them!”

St Bonaventure School acknowledges and appreciates the invaluable contributions of its dedicated teachers and staff, who consistently go above and beyond to provide an exceptionally well-rounded education that empowers students to excel academically, embrace their passions, and make a positive impact as good citizens in the community. Additionally, the school administration extends gratitude to the parents and families whose support has been instrumental in fostering an environment conducive to academic excellence.

 St Bonaventure’s is a voluntary-aided Catholic Secondary School in Forest Gate for boys aged 11–16 and for boys and girls aged 16-18 in the Sixth Form.

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Picture: courtesy Merito Marketing/Cardinal Pole Catholic School