Teachers take on Alpine biking challenge to help those living with leprosy in Mutemwa, Zimbabwe

Alex Macpherson and John Paynter, two teachers from Southern England have started a charity cycle ride through the breathtaking French Alps to raise funds for the courageous individuals living with leprosy at Mutemwa, Zimbabwe.

Cycling in partnership with the John Bradburne Memorial Society, Alex and John’s dedication to making a difference shines through in their determination to conquer the challenging terrain of the French Alps, especially with 2000m climbs and in the searing 40 degree heat!

Now you can rally behind them as they pedal for a purpose and strive to make a positive change in the lives of those less fortunate living at Mutemwa Leprosy Care Centre – a cause close to their hearts.

Can you lend your support to this cause by contributing to their fundraising efforts? Every donation, no matter how small, will make a significant impact in providing medical care, support, and resources to those affected by leprosy.

You can also help spread the word and create a ripple effect of kindness. Share this article, donate generously, to uplift and empower the individuals at Mutemwa. Your support can be the driving force that brings about meaningful change.

To stay tuned for daily updates as Alex and John make their journey, you can follow blogs by Alex on our social media. To follow on Facebook: John Bradburne Memorial Society and on our Instagram account: johnbradburnememorialsociety.

Please help to  make their charity cycle ride a resounding success and show the world the power of compassion and collective action.

Donate today and be a part of their inspiring journey and making a difference to those living at Mutemwa:


07979 187498

Cheques payable to JBMS, PO Box 32, Leominster, Herefordshire, HR6 0YB

Email: info@johnbradburne.com

Thank you for your generosity and for joining hands in the fight against leprosy. Together, we can make a real difference!