Celebrating Every Child’s Birthday – Giving 20,000 children from poverty a birthday celebration to aid their education and development

World Villages for Children, a charity whose mission is to end poverty through education, has announced its biggest birthday celebration yet, giving nearly 20,000 children a single birthday celebration on 15th August 2023.

Every year, millions of children around the world lose out on education due to barriers caused by extreme poverty. Across its programmes, World Villages for Children cares for nearly 20,000 children every year, giving them a quality education and technical training to help lift them out of poverty for good. 

Closely following International Youth Day on 12th August, the children celebrate “Every Child’s Birthday” on 15th August. Every one of the nearly 20,000 children receives a modest personal gift containing essential school supplies, clothing, shoes, and a small treat. Many of the children do not know their birthday or even their age and so for new students, this is the first time they will receive a birthday gift just for themselves. 

The celebration is marked with a day off from lessons with games, cake, singing, and dancing. For children who were born into extreme poverty this day is extremely significant, where marking another year of life is more filled with hope rather than anxiety about the future. Every child deserves to have a childhood free from the worry that poverty brings, never having to worry about where their next meal will come from, or whether or not they can finish their education. Every child deserves hope for a brighter future and belief in themselves that they can achieve everything they dream of. 

Nicola Lawson, UK Manager and Trustee of World Villages for Children says, “The birthday celebration is a vital chance for us to nurture the poorest children who have come into our care, help them build confidence and make lasting memories to comfort them in the years ahead. 

“Every Child’s Birthday celebrates our children and gives them joy filled childhood memories and a glimpse of the brighter future they will have when they finish school. It shows how we invest in children and their families, not allowing poverty to exclude children from education and the chance to reach their full potential. A birthday celebration is not just a birthday celebration when it represents the hard work and achievement of children who have only ever known struggle in their short lives. 

“Too many children never have a proper childhood or the luxury of celebrating a birthday because their lives are so preoccupied with survival. At the Sisters of Mary Schools, with their basic needs met, children are free to enjoy a childhood, learning and growing towards a brighter future. Every Child’s Birthday is a chance to empower children and give them a proper childhood, nurturing their development into adulthood.”

About World Villages for Children 

World Villages for Children is an international development children’s charity dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty through education. With a commitment to providing underprivileged children with access to quality education, vocational training, and essential life skills, World Villages envisions a world where every child has the opportunity to realize their full potential and contribute positively to their communities. 

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