Young Vincentians return from World Youth Day inspired to bring joy to home communities

A group of 25 young adults, representing the St Vincent de Paul Society (England and Wales), have just returned home after spending several days at the World Youth DAY (WYD) global gathering to deepen their faith and experience the universality of the Catholic Church.

Sarah Barber, the SVP’s Director of Young Vincentians and Youth Services, who accompanied the young adults during their time in Lisbon spoke of the inspiring encounters the Young Vincentians have heard of during their time in Lisbon.

“It was great joy to be in Portugal with a group of 25 young adults who were representing the SVP,” she said.

“During the International Vincentian Conference we encountered other young Vincentians and heard about their lives and their service within their community.

“One workshop that inspired was led by a young person from Lebanon who responded in Beirut after the explosion. As we slept on the floor in a gym with 700 others, we were reminded that our discomfort is the daily life of many.

“In Lisbon for World Youth Day we were having daily encounters with people who have different lives, but we all shared the joy and hope of the Gospel.

“We were inspired to return home changed by our experience and ready to bring the same joy we’ve experienced into our home communities.”

WYD is a global event, with the Pope in attendance, which is celebrated every three years in a different country. It is open to all young people who want to take part in the festivities centred around Jesus Christ.