Ampleforth Abbey announces Home Retreats online series for the month of August

Ampleforth Abbey has announced a series of online Home Retreats for the month of August, which consist of a 10-20 minute reflection, and concludes with a series of suggestions for activities and further reflection throughout the day.

You can join the monastic community for reflective and insightful Home Retreats every Saturday at 11am, and the Home Retreats are also available as a podcast. Simply type ‘Ampleforth Abbey Podcast‘ into SpotifyApple PodcastsAmazon Music or Google Podcasts.

‘Change for the Better’ by Abbot Robert

Saturday 5th August

No one finds change easy, in fact it is often avoided, even when we know it is necessary. The scriptures speak about Jesus being ‘transfigured’, that is, revealing his true self. So, if we want to have a life worth living how do we change, how do we cooperate with transformation so that we become the people we are meant to be, rather than living under a disguise? Here is the challenge of changing for the better, we take a journey to  become our true selves.


Community Retreat (no Home Retreat)

Please note, on Saturday 12th August there will be no Home Retreat as the monks are away on their Community Retreat.

‘Holiness – Empty of Sin or Full of Grace?’ by Fr Chad

Saturday 19th August

Which words best convey to you the life of holiness? unstained, untainted, immaculate, spotless or fulfilled, whole, fruitful, complete? This talk will look at the balance in holiness between avoiding sin and welcoming grace.


‘The Porter of the Monastery: An Illustration of the Vitality of Stability’ by Fr Wulstan

Saturday 26th August

This Home Retreat explores how the monastery porter’s stability in Christ in community life, as required by St Benedict, is a prerequisite of a Christian life and mission.