Knights Of Saint Columba Announce 2023 National Relic Tour

The Order of the Knights of Saint Columba, in collaboration with the Hierarchies of the Roman Catholic Church in England, Wales & Scotland, is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated National Relic Tour 2023. This extraordinary event aims to bring communities together, foster spiritual growth, and celebrate the rich heritage of the Catholic faith.

The National Relic Tour 2023 will showcase a collection of Sacred Relics of immense historical and spiritual significance. These Relics, revered by millions of Catholics worldwide, offer a unique opportunity for believers to deepen their faith, seek solace, and draw inspiration from the lives of saints who have played an instrumental role in shaping the Church’s history.

During this inspiring journey, the National Relic Tour 2023 will visit numerous Dioceses across England, Wales, and Scotland, providing an exceptional chance for individuals from all walks of life to encounter these cherished Relics. The tour’s itinerary will include visits to several Cathedrals, Parishes, and other significant Catholic landmarks in England, Wales and Scotland, inviting both locals and Pilgrims from afar to come and experience this spiritual event.

The Relics on display encompass a diverse array of Saints, each with their own compelling story and heavenly intercession. Among the treasures to be showcased are Relics of Saint Andrew, Apostle and Martyr, who was the brother of Saint Peter the First Pope; Relics of Saint Margaret of Scotland, whose charity and piety was well known throughout her realm; and Relics of Saint Columba of Iona, the patron saint of The Order of the Knights of Saint Columba, renowned for his missionary work and founding of monasteries.

The National Relic Tour 2023 is not only an opportunity for personal spiritual growth but also a chance to strengthen the bond within the Catholic community. Through this event, the Order of the Knights of Saint Columba seeks to promote unity, encourage dialogue, and foster a sense of belonging among the faithful across the Dioceses:

“The National Relic Tour 2023 is an extraordinary occasion for all Catholics to come together, be inspired by the lives of the Saints, and experience the power of faith,” said Henry Welsh, Supreme Knight of the Order of the Knights of Saint Columba. “We invite everyone, from the young to the old, to join us on this remarkable journey of spiritual enlightenment and renewal.”‍

The National Relic Tour 2023 promises to be an exceptional event that will leave a lasting impact on the hearts and minds of all those who participate. It is a testament to the enduring vitality of the Catholic faith and the profound influence of these Saints on our lives today.

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Source: Knights of St Columba


The Order of the Knights of Saint Columba is a lay Catholic organization dedicated to promoting and defending the Catholic faith, fostering charitable works, and supporting the spiritual growth of its members. The Order of the Knights of Saint Columba continues to play an active role in the Catholic community, upholding its principles of Charity, Unity, and Fraternity.