Three new Canons installed and appointed at Birmingham Metropolitan Cathedral

Three new Canons have been installed and appointed to the Metropolitan Chapter of Canons in Birmingham.

St Chad’s Cathedral held the Capitular Mass of the Venerable Metropolitan Chapter and the Rite of Installation to a Canonry of Very Reverend Canon Michael Dolman, Very Reverend Canon Brian McGinley and Very Reverend Canon Paul McNally.

Canons Michael, Brian and Paul are now part of the Chapter of Canons, who form the governing body of the Cathedral, caring for it and for its liturgical life.

They are also the College of Consultors who advise the Archbishop about the life and mission of the Archdiocese.

The Mass was celebrated by the Very Reverend Canon Michael Neylon in the presence of His Grace Archbishop Bernard Longley.

Archbishop Bernard welcomed the parish of St George Worcester, and the other Worcester parishes, and the parishes of Holy Trinity in Newcastle Under Lyme and Sacred Heart in Silverdale who came in support of Canon Brian and Canon Paul, as well as Oscott staff and seminarians who came in support of their Rector, Canon Michael.

Mgr Tim Menezes, Cathedral Dean and Secretary of the Chapter read the nominations for the three Canons who then made the promise of Obedience and the Profession of Faith.

In turn, the new Canons ascended the sanctuary and knelt before the Archbishop as they were dressed in the cappa parva (small hooded cape). The Archbishop presented them with a copy of the Chapter Statutes and formally admitted them saying:

“I now admit you as a member of the Chapter of our Cathedral Church of St. Chad with the rights and duties of that office in the name of ✠the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen”

The Provost, Bishop David Evans said: “The Lord in his mercy has appointed you to be joined to our Chapter.

“We welcome you and pray for you that you may ever keep true love for your brothers and after this life receive the reward of your labours.”