Sr Catherine Williams COLW makes her First Profession of Vows at Church of the Annunciation, Walsingham

After almost three years of formation as a postulant, then as a novice within the Community of Our Lady of Walsingham, Sr Catherine Williams COLW made her First Profession of Vows in a private Mass in the Church of the Annunciation, Walsingham on 25th March.

Religious profession is where the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience are made as one offers themselves in their entirety as a gift to God.  These vows are then ‘renewed’ every year until one makes their Perpetual Profession (Final Vows) or discerns that God is calling them elsewhere.

Sr Catherine said: “My First Profession was an incredibly joy-filled moment, the culmination and fruit of much prayer and love and support from my community, family and friends.  My sisters in community put so much work in to make it a special day, from an absolutely fabulous ice cream bar and a magnificent cake to decorating the church with an abundance of beautiful flowers.

“First Profession in COLW marks the start of a new stage in living religious life, not just in taking the title ‘Sister’ but also in undertaking more work at the service of the Church.  I was very aware that in giving my life to Jesus in this way, I am also giving my life in love and service of his body: the Church, each and every person whom, by their baptism, are a part of this body.

“First Profession also marks the beginning of a greater involvement in the apostolate of the community so if you would every like us to visit your parish, school or lead a retreat for you, do get in touch!  Know that you are in my prayers and please do keep me in yours, said Sr Catherine.

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Pictured is Sr Catherine Williams (second left) with the other sisters of COLW.