Footsteps of St Paul pilgrimage across Greece is “journey of a lifetime”, says leading travel operator

Despite being one of the most popular countries to visit in Europe, few people who are attracted to Greece’s sparkling blue waters, dramatic coastlines and friendly hospitality are aware of the depth and significance of its lands and history.

Recognised to be one of the greatest missionaries in the first century world, Paul the Apostle (St Paul) made two missionary journeys to Greece, after he had experienced a vision of a Macedonian man begging him to come and bring the word of Christ to his people.

Paul travelled extensively throughout the country and nearby islands, preaching and establishing faith communities from which Christianity spread rapidly right across the western world.

Today it is still possible to follow in the footsteps of St Paul, through incredibly beautiful and evocative ancient landscapes and historic sites that have changed little since the day the great apostle visited.

If you want to be transported back into the life and time of St Paul it’s essential to plan your visit through an ATOL registered tour operator with particular knowledge of the region, and the expertise to make transformative and meaningful travel a reality.

With more than 40 years’ experience in Christian pilgrimage travel, McCabe is an acknowledged leader in travel experiences that enrich your mind and bring you home changed and challenged – through a carefully curated combination of cultural, educational and leisure experiences.

The company is recognised as one of the leading operators of tours and pilgrimages to the Holy Land, UK, Europe and worldwide.

Heading out in September this year, their 14-day Greece – Following in the Footsteps of St Paul pilgrimage offers travellers a unique scenic and relaxing tour following St Paul’s route from landing in the northern port of Neapolis to preaching his famous sermon introducing the unknown God in Athens.

In the company of experienced tour guide Canon Simon Evans, you will travel the length of Greece visiting Philippi, Thessaloniki, Berea, Athens and Corinth, with the offer of optional worship in some ancient and very special locations. As well as the Pauline sites and the history of Ancient Greece you will see stunning landscapes as you and your fellow pilgrims journey through the Pindus Mountain Range to the engineering marvel of the Corinth Canal and stay in the heart of Athens with the opportunity to explore nearby islands.

Other highlights include: an introductory tasting tour in Thessaloniki; experiencing a living monastery, where the sisters are always happy to discuss their monastic way of life; a wine tasting on the southern foothills of Mount Olympus; Delphi where the Oracle was consulted by both states and individuals and highlighted the religious background to St. Paul’s preaching of the gospel; from the Acropolis walk down to the site of St. Paul’s sermon on Mars Hill (Aeropagus) where Paul had a mixed reception in making known the ‘Unknown God’, and a visit to the Agora – the centre of public life in Athens at the time of Paul.

Conducted at a very comfortable and leisurely pace, the McCabe itinerary gives you time – not only to absorb and get to know the life, times and travels of St Paul in Greece– but to relax, sit back and soak up the very best that Greek culture and life has to offer.

Back in 1983 when he founded the company, Alistair McCabe saw that the best pilgrimage required a travel company which combined professional expertise and empathy for the needs of the faith community, both in the UK and overseas.

His vision for McCabe Pilgrimages was – and remains – to provide an excellent and transformative experience, allowing guests, pilgrims and group leaders to concentrate on their pastoral and spiritual needs whilst visiting the iconic sights and beautiful surroundings that are all part of these journeys.

Just one of a wide range of new 2023 pilgrimages available from McCabe, Greece – Following in the Footsteps of St Paul offers a rare and rewarding opportunity to journey with St Paul across an ancient and beautiful land still steeped in the very roots of western Christian history.

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