THE GOD WHO SPEAKS – range of helpful February resources for Catholics who are curious about the Bible

THE GOD WHO SPEAKS is an initiative between The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England & Wales and Bible Society, working together to nurture deeper Catholic engagement with the Scriptures.

If you’re Catholic and curious about the Bible, this is the place for you – at you’ll find great resources; events and ideas to help you deepen your faith and love of the Scriptures.

‘Every day we read a page of the Gospel, we pray with the Psalms, we read the Prophets! We will be moved by the Lord’s faithfulness. Scripture will also help us to understand what the Lord asks of our lives today.’ (Pope Francis, 25th July 2021)

Featured on the site this month:

• Watch Cardinal Nichols’ reflections on three devotional paintings, meet official artist Pete Codling and find links to art projects taking place across England and Wales –

• With 73 books, the Bible’s no small read let alone trying to remember even a fraction of the characters. Here are some resources to help you connect more deeply with Scripture –

• In the ‘Education’ section you’ll find free resources for both Primary and Secondary Schools to help young people engage with Scripture –

• WOMEN IN SCRIPTURE – 16 different Old and New Testament heroines through ancient and modern art. How did artists portray these remarkable and gifted women? And what creative challenges did they face?

“Each month we offer you new resources for your Bible engagement – whether individually, as a family, an online community, parish or school, to share the scriptures wherever you are,” said Bishop Peter Brignall, Chair of the God who Speaks campaign.