“We commit ourselves to stand against antisemitism, injustice and prejudice,” says Bishop on Holocaust Memorial Day

Bishop Declan Lang, Chair of the Bishop’s Conference’s International Affairs department, is encouraging us to pause today, Holocaust Memorial Day, to remember the millions who were murdered and pray that “love will triumph over evil.”

“On Holocaust Memorial Day, we pray for the six million people who were murdered and all those affected by the Holocaust. We also remember those who suffered and died in the genocides that followed.

“This year’s theme is Ordinary People, recognising that it was ordinary people who fell victim to ordinary people perpetrating evil acts, while so many ordinary people stood by. It was also the bravery and selflessness of ordinary people that helped to rescue others.

“Each one of us has the capacity for both immense good and for evil. As we take a moment to pause from our daily lives, let us reflect upon our own responsibility to prevent future genocides and consider how we view marginalised people in our communities. We commit ourselves to stand against antisemitism, injustice and prejudice wherever it might be found.

“Together we remember the Holocaust and pray that love will triumph over evil.”

Bishop Declan Lang
Chair, Department for International Affairs


SOURCE: https://www.cbcew.org.uk

Pic: © Marcin Mazur/CBCEW