Bishop Paul Swarbrick’s hopes and prayers for people of Cameroon

“It wouldn’t be difficult to walk away from these situations, but that is not what we do” – Bishop Paul Swarbrick

The ongoing conflict in Cameroon has now claimed over 4,000 lives and displaced a further 750,000 people – some fleeing over the border into neighbouring countries. There are daily reports of atrocities and, recently, a priest was abducted before later being released. In a video posting for the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England & Wales, our Lead Bishop for Africa, Paul Swarbrick, Bishop of Lancaster, spoke movingly about the worsening situation there. Bishop Swarbrick is a member of the Department of International Affairs for the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales and has particular responsibility for relations with Africa.

In the video he spoke of “the situation existing in Cameroon and there we are experiencing gross human rights violations and attacks on fundamental services and infrastructure facilities within the country”

“We’re conscious that it is an escalating situation and the difficulties are overwhelming, distressing and complex,” said Bishop Swarbrick.

“Some may be tempted to give up completely. Why bother? What possible difference can we made, but we can’t do that because we are people of hope, and we want to express to the people of Cameroon, both our brothers and sisters in the Catholic Church there, but all members of the population irrespective of creed and race – whoever they are.

“We wish to express a message of solidarity and of hope that we have not forgotten you we are doing what we can, even if it is very little, to try to give you help and to sustain your hope.

“It wouldn’t be difficult to walk away from so many of these situations. But that’s not what we do.” he added.

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