CAFOD response to the crisis in Ukraine

CAFOD has said it is deeply disturbed to hear reports of attacks on Ukraine this morning.

“We stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and send our prayers to our sister organisation Caritas Ukraine, who are already assisting civilians across the country who are affected by this conflict. As one Caritas, we stand united with them,” CAFOD said in a statement.

LINK: Pray for the people of Ukraine

International humanitarian law must be adhered to

“We are calling for an urgent diplomatic solution and a lasting ceasefire to prevent further suffering and to bring peace back to the region. There is now a growing humanitarian crisis, and Caritas Ukraine – among other humanitarian organisations – are on the frontline of the response.

“As freezing temperatures continue, the plight of Ukrainian citizens will only worsen. Any bombing of infrastructure across the country will only result in further suffering of the Ukrainian people.

“International humanitarian law must be adhered to, with schools, hospitals and water systems protected from any armed violence so humanitarian assistance can be delivered – unimpeded – to civilians across the country.

Every human life is priceless

“Let global leaders heed Pope Francis’ call for political leaders to make “a great examination of conscience before God, who is the God of peace and not of war”.

One thought on “CAFOD response to the crisis in Ukraine

  • February 25, 2022 at 4:30 pm

    The Russian regime and a large section of its media has “zombified” its population with propaganda
    The regime has abandoned Christian principles and a large section of the population worships power. The Russian Patriarchate has called Putin ” a gift from God” and “The West has made a religion of human rights.” The Ten Commandments underpin human rights but Russian Orthodoxy cannot even recognise the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and Russia broke relations with the Greek Patriarch over this. Expect much worse from an occupation. Pray for its people and understand that the regime’s systemic abuse of power and human rights in its own country will now apply with vengeance to a free people.

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