East Anglia diocese joins radical project to install electric car charging points at Catholic churches

The newly-formed Diocese of East Anglia Environment Group is taking part in a national project to identify sites and install electric vehicle charging points at locations across East Anglia. The initiative is part of a wider project by the Catholic Church in England and Wales.

Fr Paul Maddison is chairing the Diocese of East Anglia Environment Group. He said: “As part of a national project, we have identified 17 sites across the diocese, including churches and schools, which may be appropriate for the installation of public electric car charging points and their suitability is currently being assessed. It is hope that not only would this promote the use of electric vehicles but that it would make good use of car parking spaces often underused during the week.”

The paid-for charging points would be installed and maintained on a commercial basis by an external private company.

“The environmental group is addressing several important areas across all our parishes and schools,” said Fr Paul.

“These include decarbonising our buildings, disinvesting from fossil fuel use, promoting biodiversity and providing environmental education. Many of these issues are also emerging as part of the synodal process showing how this consultation is having a local impact as well as an international one.

“The group had its first meeting in December and looked at several issues we will need to tackle in our quest to live more sustainably as a diocese. The group is made up of a small number of clergy and laity from across the diocese who are committed to holding us all to account in our Christian vocation to care for our common home. Pope Francis has given the world a lead on this pressing issue, and our response will be both challenging and costly,” said Fr Paul.

In additional to Fr Paul, the group includes three leads: Barbara Burnett, Rhona Lewis, Judith Tooth.

You can contact the environmental group on: eco@rcdea.org.uk

Diocese of East Anglia website: https://www.rcdea.org.uk