Cardiff Diocesan Clergy finally make retreat in Douai after Covid forced three cancellations

During the week of October 18th–22nd Archbishop George Stack and 13 Cardiff diocesan priests finally had the opportunity to make a long-planned retreat to Douai Abbey, near Reading in Berkshire. Originally planned to take place in 2020, the retreat had to be cancelled three times due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Focussing on the theme of Sacred Scripture as part of their journey through the Year of the Word, the retreat was delivered by Fr. John Hemer a Mill Hill Missionary, Scripture expert and lecturer and Allen Hall seminary in London.

Over the course of the five day retreat, Abbot Geoffrey Scott and the community of Douai Abbey made the clergy feel very welcome and provided an idyllic location for prayer and reflection. Fr. Hemer delivered exceptional conferences on the themes of the Person of Jesus, Our Lady, the Sacrifice of the Mass and the last things as found throughout both the Old and New Testaments. Everyone returned with an insight they had never been taught or discovered in the past.

The retreat provided the clergy with a much-needed time of renewal and spiritual refreshment following the exceptionally hard work of the past 18 months of the Covid-19 pandemic. Just as we have all appreciated coming together with our families once again, the clergy appreciated coming together as brothers after a long time of separation. The retreat provided a well-balanced schedule of prayer, conferences and the opportunity to socialise with silence maintained throughout the day and coming together in the evening.

Archbishop George and the clergy present, wish to extend their thanks to Fr John Hemer and the community of Douai Abbey for helping them to make a good retreat.

Pictured: Archbishop George along with members of the clergy (and the photographer!) after the Mass (courtesy Archdiocese of Cardiff). For more Cardiff news go to: