Bishop of Middlesbrough to Celebrate Special Masses In November

Bishop Terry Drainey has announced that he is celebrating two special Masses at St Mary’s Cathedral in November…

“On the Feast of All Souls, 2nd November, there will be a special Mass for all the deceased bishops, priests and deacons of the diocese at St Mary’s Cathedral at noon,” said Bishop Terry in a statement. 

“All are invited to come along and join in this celebration. During the lockdowns we have been unable to celebrate the obsequies of so many of our priests in the way we would have wished. This will be an opportunity to remedy this.

“The Chapter of Canons will be represented as will the Presbyteral Council, but all are invited to come along and join in the celebration.

“I will also celebrate Mass in the cathedral for all who have died in the pandemic and in thanks for medical staff, care workers and family members who have accompanied and assisted them in the last moments of their lives.

“This will be a good opportunity for us to remember how the Church has always assisted those who are dying, with prayer, with the presence of loved ones, through our sacramental life and offering comfort and consolation to those on the last steps of their earthly pilgrimage.

“This Mass will take place on Sunday 7th November at 5pm. I encourage as many as possible to take part in this Mass by being physically present or on live stream if they are prevented by sickness or disability.

“I want to emphasise that our churches are very safe places and I want to urge you to be truly present at this Mass as we restore the Eucharist to the centre of our lives and as we approach Advent, the time when the Sunday obligation will begin again.

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