Pope calls for ‘strong alliance’ between parents and schools

Parents are “indeed the protagonists and primary architects of [their] children’s education,” the Pope told members of the French Association des Parents d’Élèves de l’Enseignement Libre (Association of Parents for Free Education), while reminding them of the need to work in collaboration with all of society.

“A strong alliance between schools and families enables knowledge to be passed on at the same time as human and spiritual values,” he wrote in a Message on the occasion of the group’s 23rd National Congress.

Discovering God’s plan

Pope Francis explained that the aim of this alliance is “to help young people discover God’s plan for each and every one of them.” The relationship between parents and educators gives life “to a community which, with a diversity of roles but a convergence of ends, takes on the characteristics of a Christian and human community cemented by charity.”

He emphasized the characteristics of alliance, encounter, and collaboration, while insisting that the role of parents is essential – a theme he elaborated as one of the pillars of the Global Educational Pact promoted by the Vatican.

In this regard, Pope Francis insisted on the importance “religious convictions on the sacred meaning of human life” as contributing to the recognition of “the fundamental values of our common humanity.”

The challenge of AI

Finally, the Holy Father highlighted the importance of time, recognizing that education does not stop in the classroom. He warned of the “challenges” of artificial intelligence, which influence “not only the way we learn, but also the way we think for ourselves.”

He assured parents, “the Church is at your side” in facing those challenges, reminding them that discernment is required, in conversation with the Church and with the “entire educational community.”

A difficult world, illuminated by hope

Pope Francis concluded his message with the hope that the Congress, with the theme “Education for Life” might make “the school-community the true school of life,” enabling your children a world that is difficult, “but illuminated by hope, a hope founded on the promise of Christ who does not disappoint.”