West Midlands Catholic school wants amphitheatre so pupils feel special

A West Midlands Catholic school has said it wants to build an amphitheatre to make its pupils feel special.

From assemblies to performances, SS Peter and Paul Catholic Primary Academy, Wolverhampton, said using the stage would fill children with pride and excitement.

It estimated that the theatre could cost at least £10,000 to build on the grounds of the school.

“Our pupils lead everything, they want to perform somewhere that feels like Shakespeare,” vice principal Jamie Morgan said.

The school hopes to use the outdoor arena to build skills in performing, speaking and listening, in an area separate from the school hall.

“There’s nothing better than a theatre, it gives children a different purpose and experience that they wouldn’t get,” Mr Morgan said.

Mr Morgan added that the amphitheatre would make the school unique and would provide pupils with more opportunities.

The school is taking part in a Tesco scheme, where local shoppers can vote to fund different projects using blue tokens in store.

The school hopes to win up to £1,500 in funding for the amphitheatre.

Pic: Aevia-Eve and Shantelle hope to perform in the amphitheatre