Matlock Catholic Voluntary Academy provides all pupils with free breakfast

Free breakfast is being offered to every child at Saint Joseph’s Catholic Voluntary Academy in Matlock.

The school is working in partnership with children’s charity, Magic Breakfast, to provide a free, healthy breakfast to all pupils.

A range of cereals, bagels, toast and beans are on the menu and children can arrive at school between 8.20am and 8.45am to eat.

Magic Breakfast’s aim is to make sure that no child in the UK is too hungry to learn and the charity’s partnership with Saint Joseph’s is the only one in the local area.

Stacey Carr, Headteacher at Saint Joseph’s, said: “We are extremely excited to announce our partnership with Magic Breakfast to provide free healthy breakfasts to all our pupils, ensuring they start their day fuelled and ready to learn. We are so proud to be the only school in the local area who work with Magic Breakfast.

“Research has shown that a healthy breakfast leads to better academic achievement and we are delighted that a large proportion of our children are taking up this opportunity. We’re offering a range of delicious food and children also have the added benefit of being able to socialise with friends whilst enjoying their breakfast.”

Following breakfast, pupils will be completing the daily mile around the school grounds to support with their physical, social and emotional health.

Mrs Carr said that the school would also be looking to offer monthly family breakfasts where all parents/carers will be invited.

Megan, 8, had cereal for breakfast. She said: “I had some multigrain hoops for breakfast. It’s strange having breakfast at school but also fun to be sitting with all of my friends at school. It’s really nice for everyone to be having breakfast together.”

Betsy, 10, had a toasted bagel for breakfast. She said: “It feels strange having breakfast with all of my friends but it’s lovely. I think it means that we all start the day with a positive mindset. Making sure that we all have breakfast is a really good start to the day.”

Isaac, 10, had a bagel. He said: “I think having breakfast at school is good, I’ve really enjoyed being able to sit with all of my friends and eat breakfast together. It’s a good way to start the day.”