Shocking scenes as Manchester Pro-Life Society students escorted away from violent mob

On Thursday evening, 29th February, members of the Manchester Pro-Life Society had to be given a police escort out of a meeting held inside the Students’ Union building that was surrounded by aggressive demonstrators. SPUC has condemned “the mob” and has called for “urgent action” to stop such “shocking scenes” from happening again.

Pro-life students were subjected to aggressive chants such as “Stay in there and die” as they held a meeting inside the Students’ Union building at Manchester University, which was also egged.

Police had to hold back angry protestors as the outnumbered pro-life students left the building. Two female members of the group reported that they were followed home, while another girl received a rape threat. A brawl also broke out, though it appears none of the pro-life students were involved.

The “peaceful” protest was organised and promoted by “Stop Manchester Pro-Life”, a hostile and anti-free speech Instagram group.

Earlier last month, a petition demanded that the Manchester Pro-Life Society, founded in January, be dissolved after claiming it was harmful, as reported by SPUC. The petition has so far gained close to 19,000 signatures, though the Manchester Students’ Union has affirmed the Society’s legal right to exist.

The Society reports that its members have received abuse and even death threats in recent weeks, making pro-life students feel unsafe on campus, where many of them have also been ostracized by fellow students.

SPUC comment

A SPUC spokesperson said: “The chaotic scenes last night were truly shocking though hardly surprising after the abuse and threats pro-life students have already received at Manchester and other campuses around the UK.

“This is not acceptable, and these ‘demonstrators’ have clearly crossed a line, forcing the police to intervene to protect students.

“SPUC calls for urgent action to ensure the safety and well-being of pro-life students whose legal right to free speech and freedom of assembly has been threatened by a mob determined to shut it down.”