Are you looking to do something meaningful to help others in need this Lent?

Instead of giving up your favourite treats, are you looking for something different and far more meaningful to do this Lent?

Whilst we think about Lent as being a time of giving things up it can also be a time of doing things, of taking on extra little tasks and commitments for the good of others. Giving up things and abstinence for the 40 days of Lent helps to remind us of the deprivations that Our Blessed Lord suffered during his 40 days in the desert.

But this period was also a time when Jesus contemplated his own spiritual destiny, and today we are encouraged to do the same through the practices of fasting, prayer and almsgiving, which helps us to strip away all the unnecessary trappings of our lives and improve our spiritual wellbeing by moving closer to God.

At the heart of fasting and almsgiving is a reassessment of how we live, and in particular how and on what we spend our money. It’s not just about chocolate or alcohol, it’s about redirecting the money we spend all kinds of unnecessary regular things into places where they can do some small good for others.

This year, the Jesuit Refugee Service is has put together a list of meaningful gestures to consider during Lent that can have a profound impact, no matter how small they may seem.

“Acts of kindness matter now more than ever, and small acts can make a difference to someone seeking sanctuary,” says the JRS.

“The journey for asylum seekers has grown increasingly challenging, leaving people feeling isolated and segregated from society. Small acts of kindness can help others feel recognised and seen, and is a great way to affirm the dignity of people we meet.’

Support the work of JRS UK

By supporting the Jesuit Refugee Service’s Lent Appeal, you can accompany refugee friends this Lenten season. Your support can provide food, hardship grants and legal advice – and help restore dignity for refugee friends within a warm, loving community.

£5 can help provide access to healthy fresh food for a refugee friend.

£25 can help with casework support for someone facing destitution.

£50 can provide two hardship grants so refugee friends can afford food and essentials.

You can also consider sending a Refugee Gift, The Jesuit Refugee Service produces beautifully illustrated gift cards help sponsor vital services, such as anything from Hardship grants to facilitating phone calls with detainees, and even legal advice provided by our dedicated legal team at JRS UK.

When you choose a Refugee Gift, you’re not only sending a thoughtful present to a loved one but also extending a lifeline to destitute refugees, offering them a chance of hope and support. They come in both virtual and physical forms too, perfect for any occasion!

You can also help if you are a regular online shopper. JRS UK is signed up with Give As You Live, a free and effortless way to raise money when you shop online. For every new sign-up before the end of February, Give As You Live generously donates an extra £1 to JRS UK. Your everyday online shopping can now serve a dual purpose – indulging yourself while making a positive impact and donating.

If you would like to know about the many ways in which Random Acts of Kindness can help those in urgent need, please click to visit the Jesuit Refugee Service website …